Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

In addition to offering commercial cleaning and carpet cleaning, Crazy Clean also offers solar panel cleaning services. Whether you’re a homeowner or you need commercial cleaning services for solar panels, Crazy Clean can help. We’ve been providing industrial, residential and commercial cleaning for solar panels on the roof for many years. We’ve attracted some big names as clients during that time, such as Telstra, Aussie Home Loans and Virgin Airlines, amongst many others.

How to Clean Solar Panels on Roofs

Anyone attempting to clean solar panels on roofs should always wear a hard hat and a safety harness. Cleaning solar panels on the roof can be a dangerous activity, and you need to make sure you won’t fall off the roof if you try it. Better yet, rather than trying to DIY the job, call professionals in who have proper safety protocols in place. At Crazy Clean, we’re experienced in solar panel cleaning services and take all necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents.

The Best Way to Clean Solar Panels

It’s sometimes possible to conduct solar panel cleaning from the ground. The best way to clean solar panels on a roof is to do so from the ground where you have zero chance of falling from a great height. Use a long-handled implement to reach the panels and clean them with a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water. You can also use a garden hose, but don’t use anything with high pressure that could cause damage to the panels. Similarly, only use mild detergent that you would use on your dishes, as stronger solutions can be abrasive and mark the panels. It’s important to also clean green solar panels to ensure they continue to function well and require less maintenance in the future.

The Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels

The benefits of getting the team at Crazy Clean to clean your solar panels include:

We Can Cater for Big Companies

We’ve attracted some large and recognisable companies for cleaning services over the years, including Telstra, Aussie Home Loans and Virgin Airlines, among many others. Whether you need home or business cleaning in Melbourne, we can help.

We Help Keep Your Panels Efficient

Dirt on solar panels can reduce the volume of sunlight that touches the photovoltaic cells, which can decrease the output by up to 25%. To keep your solar panels running at peak efficiency, solar panel cleaning is vital.

We Help Protect Your Investment

Dirty solar panels can cause problems, as the grime can get into the workings of the unit. By organising regular cleaning for solar panels on the roof, you can prevent the need for extra maintenance work and avoid breakdowns.

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