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Commercial & Home Carpet Cleaning services in Melbourne

Carpets can make our homes and offices look fantastic. But look closer at unclean carpets, because they may be hiding some unpleasant secrets: dirt, allergens, mites, and other pollutants.

What do you do? Contact Crazy Clean to arrange commercial or residential carpet cleaning!

Our dry fusion carpet cleaning will clean, deodorise, stain-block and dry your carpet in one easy process. Dry fusion carpet cleaning technology is very fast, quiet and safe to use on all carpets. After a Crazy Clean cleaning, your carpet will be hygienic, fresh and soft underfoot. And there’s no better feeling than that. When you need a deep clean carpet cleaner, don’t look past the team at Crazy Clean!

How are we different?

We’re different from other dry carpet cleaning companies due to the following points:

Melbourne-Wide Service

At Crazy Clean, we offer professional commercial and industrial and home carpet cleaning solutions all over Melbourne. No matter where your home or office is located, we can clean your carpets professionally.

The Right Price

Our carpet cleaning services are high-quality and competitively priced. When you need an affordable commercial or domestic carpet cleaner in Melbourne, we won’t let you down.

We Can Clean Any Carpet

The Crazy Clean crew are equipped to handle any professional carpet cleaning job, from residential to commercial spaces. No matter what kind of home or commercial building you have, we can clean the carpets to a professional standard.

Superior Technology

Our dry fusion cleaning service means better-cleaned carpets and less wait-time for you! It’s great for deodorising, removing stains, allergens and dirt, and leaving your carpets as clean as possible from our professional home cleaning service.

Experienced and Well-Trained Cleaners

Crazy Clean cleaners are highly experienced, well-trained and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Big Client Names

Big companies such as Telstra, Aussie Home Loans and Virgin Airlines have been our clients, plus we also with many other reputable clients.

Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Make any Difference?

Professional business and home carpet cleaners do make a difference, as we have technology that offers a superior clean to any domestic cleaning system on the market. When you call in the professionals, you get a professional result – it’s that simple. At Crazy Clean, we’ve been working for some of the most recognisable companies in the business world, which means we know how to carry out a heavy duty clean on any carpet – even where there is a lot of foot-traffic, stains and children making messes. No matter what your carpet has experienced, we can fix it with our cleaning system that’s tough on stains, dirt and allergens.

How Often Should We Clean the Carpet?

For residential buildings, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year in high traffic areas. For commercial spaces, you may need a more frequent clean, as there are likely to be numerous people coming in and out of your building, tracking dirt and other grime into your carpets. For this reason, 2-4 times a year is a good frequency for professional deep carpet cleaning. However, the number of cleans required will vary according to the nature of your home or business and how much foot traffic your carpets endure.

Is Steam Cleaning the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Steam cleaning can offer a good result in terms of removing stains, yet our method of dry fusion carpet cleaning is a superior option, as it can clean and remove odours and stains while also drying the carpet all at once. This makes it an incredibly quick, quiet and effective method of commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

For the Best Carpet Cleaning Services, Call Crazy Clean

Our method of dry fusion carpet cleaning offers many benefits in terms of removing allergens, dirt, hair, stains and smells, while also being quiet and suitable for any kind of carpet. Want to try our innovative carpet cleaning today? Book online now, or request a free quote by calling our team on 0417 796 976.


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