License Opportunities

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, but don’t quite know where to start, a Crazy Clean Cleaning Services license is the perfect choice for you.

When you join Crazy Clean, you get the best of both worlds: you get to run your own business, with the assistance and guidance of an experienced support team to help you on your business journey.

Recent cleaning industry surveys show that there is growing demand for professional window cleaning services as residential and business architecture embraces the use of large windows and glass features. The Crazy Clean team have certainly seen this growth – we’re busier than ever, and want to find enthusiastic and professional licensees to share these opportunities with!

As a member of the Crazy Clean family, you get everything you need to jump-start your cleaning business, from joining a recognised brand to ongoing support for you and your team.

We welcome people who are looking to enjoy the satisfaction of building their own successful business with all of the choices, freedom and rewards that come with it.

Benefits of Licensing

Are you thinking about starting a cleaning business? Licensing is a great way join the industry with lower risk and more support.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Crazy Clean as a licensee:

  • You are your own boss! Being a Crazy Clean licensee gives you all of the flexibility and freedom of small business ownership, but also comes with a strong support network.
  • In general, business owners who have a mentor have a higher rates of success than those that start independently.
  • No matter what the economic climate is, people always need cleaning services.
  • Crazy Clean licensees have the benefit of joining a trusted, established brand.
  • Joining a licensed business costs less and takes less time than building your own brand.
  • Crazy Clean licensees have access to cleaning contracts in Melbourne and around Victoria.
  • Any advertising undertaken by a Crazy Clean licensee benefits all licensees by getting the Crazy Clean Cleaning Services name out there!
  • Crazy Clean licensees are offered ongoing support, giving you opportunities to increase your skills and grow your business.

Support for Licensees

From the day you become a Crazy Clean licensee, we provide ongoing support in all areas of your cleaning business.

We offer our license family:

  • The skills to handle services for both domestic and commercial customers of any size. You’ll be supported to ensure you feel confident in tackling any cleaning job safely and professionally.
  • Marketing skills to improve your business opportunities and growth. Many licenses leave their licensees to learn how to promote their business on their own – at Crazy Clean, we believe this is a vital skill, and it’s an integral part of our support as a Crazy Clean licensee.
  • Professional development in sales. We’ll show you the best ways to approach new customers and get referrals from your customers and professional networks.
  • An opportunity to build a successful business and reap the personal and financial rewards that come with being your own boss.

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